Wedding Ceremony in Beenleigh



Your wedding day is one, if not THE most important day in your life. I will talk to you about exactly what you want, I will make suggestions, and I will do everything in my power to make your wedding the memorable occasion that you expect it to be. There are a number of ways we can make your wedding a little different. I will list some readings and some vows that you can choose from, or you are more than welcome to write your own. There are also a number of rituals you can choose, or again, if you have something special in mind just say so… we, you and I that is, can work around anything!


To reaffirm your love for each other gives true meaning to the old saying ‘True love does not wither or doe, it merely ripens.’ Renewing your vows is a deeply romantic expression of love and commitment.


Repeating your wedding promises is a meaningful and touching ceremony. Whether you have been married 5 years or 50… or if you married overseas or interstate this is a perfect way to publicly affirm your love and commitment, in the presence of your family and friends who may not have had the opportunity to share the moment you said ‘I do’.


Renewal of vows is a touching and meaningful celebration, it is a reflection of your lifetime commitment.


Have on display your wedding photo album, also cards and telegrams that you may have received. Have ‘now and then’ photos of your wedding party. Essentially, renewal of vows is similar to a wedding ceremony, but without the legal components.


A beautiful way to declare the love and commitment that you share with each other. This ceremony is ideal for a couple who do not wish to have a legal ceremony, same sex couples or those who are otherwise legally unable to marry. Commitment Ceremonies usually mirror a wedding – the difference being a Commitment Ceremony has no legal elements. The structure of the celebration is optional – it can be traditional and formal, or relaxed and unstructured. It can be rich with readings, music, costumes, dance – it may include a religious aspect  – or you could include a sand, candle or rose ceremony. Ceremonies range from grandiose affairs with hundred of guests – to simple, small, meaningful ceremonies with just the couples immediate family or closest friends. Whether you have 10 guests or 300 guests and you decide to have the ceremony at home, at the beach, park, on a yacht, boat, in a restaurant, in a barn, in a paddock together we can plan a day to remember and cherish for life.